Portland's Wainscoting Installation Service

Wainscoting offers Portland some of the best interior beauty & protection money can buy. Wainscoting is decorative wood paneling that is installed normally up to waist level, and is often capped with a Chair Rail or other creative mold. Wainscoting is usually found in high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, & bathrooms, as well as formal areas like foyers, stairways, dining & living rooms.

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Wainscoting is the perfect union between decoration and functionality, and in the hustle and bustle of Portland life, Wainscoting can be a valuable installation. Wainscoting can be installed for a strict "protect my walls" application or for a heartfelt "make my room gorgeous" decoration, but manages to achieve both goals simultaneously.


There is no question that Wainscoting can bring a refined style to any room. Wainscoting does an effective job at adding visual and actual weight to a space, making a room feel more expensive and as if it were built long ago by the skilled carpenters from a simpler time. There are many options for Wainscoting, and if you are not going for the old feel of traditional designs then you could always have a modern and contemporary design made up and installed.

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